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  1. Phoenix2058

    [Solved]Username in Menu Bar

    thank you very much!!!
  2. Phoenix2058

    [Solved]Username in Menu Bar

    Does anyone know how i can disable this?? i searched all the User and Appearance Settings...
  3. Phoenix2058

    OS X 10.4 Dock

    Hey i have a question Does anyone knows a way to remove the Dock Background from the OS 10.4 Dock? So the icons are free without the background Image? A few years ago i've done that but i forgot how... can anyone help me? I hope you know what i mean...
  4. Phoenix2058

    INstall Snow leop 10.6.3 on a laptop

    then it would may be helpful when you uncensor the censored words
  5. Phoenix2058

    INstall Snow leop 10.6.3 on a laptop

    so this laptop would work perfet with snow leopard or even lion, but... I A T K O S or I D E N E B or whatever you tried to write, they all are {censored}!!! use a ORIGINAL snow leopard retail DVD, install snow leopard the normal way with it and as your system is that compatible, you won't even have use some additional kexts afaik...
  6. Phoenix2058

    Windows 2012 on virtualbox

    try it with Parallels, me personally i'm not a fan of VirtualBox (its good on linux but definetly not on mac) so give PArallels a try
  7. Phoenix2058

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    The problem is solved, i thrown that crappy netbook away and bought a real macbook air thanks for your help anyways guys
  8. Phoenix2058

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    how do i do that sorry for my stupid questions
  9. Phoenix2058

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    now ot worked, but still the "No IP Adress" Problem, i've also tried the 10.7 kext but there i didnt even had airport...
  10. Phoenix2058

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    thanks, but at the step where i type sudo chmod -r 755 io80211family.kext it says "chmod: 755: no such file or directory"
  11. Phoenix2058

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    If i set the IP manually it says Connected and the light is green but when i open any Browser there is no connection... How do i verify the premissions? (noob question) And yes the wires are connected, if i boot into Win7 the Wlan works perfect. Thanks :wink2:
  12. Phoenix2058

    Atheros AR5B95 Problem

    So i have an Atheros AR5B95 network card, the kexts are installed and i see all the Networks. But when i try to connect to one, it Connects... irs it says "No IP" and then it says "Self-Assigned-IP" I already tried restarting the Router and the AirPort, i also tried to "renew DHCP Lease" under Network>Advance>TCP/IP but nothing helps Anyone knows what i can do?
  13. Phoenix2058

    Snow Leopard on NAV50

    Worked perfect, the CPU now is recognized as Intel Core Solo
  14. Phoenix2058

    Packard Bell NAV50 DSDT

    Hey, im searching a DSDT for my Packard Bell NAV 50, anyone has ever seen one? Its a verry not-mainstream Netbook EDIT: Closed, i thrown that netbook away and bought a real macbook air.