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Lenovo V570 FakeSMC Kernel Panic

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Hi all,


I am using a Lenovo V570 and have managed to install Mountain Lion.

I have got the touchpad, keyboard, display, working.


I installed a FakeSMC kext using multibeasst, but when I try to boot up I keep getting kernel panic. I am not sure if this is because of the Chameleon bootloader or the FakeSMC kext.


I have reinstalled Mountain Lion several times but have received the same failure :(


I would be really grateful if someone helped me :D




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use kextwizard and install fakesmc version thats on your ML installer to your HD since that one obviously works. that beasty thing is not for ML although a few things in it may work just by chance. Or get new version here HWSensors

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