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OSX freeze problems

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Hi, I have installed OS X 10.6.8 about 1 year ago, until 2 weeks ago I had no problems.


But now I have problems, I think, with finder. So, sometimes I'm using Excel and try to open new file, or put a Graph and the it freezes, appears the icon like is charging, but never stops, I can listen working the hard disc. In this state I can't open new apps, can't close apps, or force to close, I can use spotligth and the bottom bar, but how I say the apps will not open, I can't shutdown or restart OS X. I'm forced to press the reset button.


I uninstall office, thinking that can be the problem, but 10 min ago the problem was repeat using spotligth.


I don't know what I can do, So I don't want to reeinstall again OS X, and the last Time Machine copy is from about 10 months.


What can I do?



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Console logs?when u listen to the hard drive, does it make a clunk every few seconds?hard drive activity light on or blinking?try getting the console logs first, also open activity monitor or istat HD activity monitor and keep them visible to verify hd is working. And get the console logs, at least the error logs and post, otherwise just making crazy guesses.

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