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Installing Chameleon on a seperate partition?

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I want to try installing Mounatin Lion next time, but it is possible to install Chameleon on a seperate partition? I had very bad experiences with Chameleon 2, only slight modifications created a crash on my Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet. On my AMD systems is still Chameleon 1, works like a charm.


The idea is to install Chameleon 2 with Extra files and all kexts on the first partition, the second is the boot system. If the bootloader partition crashes, it's easier to repair it it by recovering it from a small disk image. If this works, it would allow to build a library of bootloader images for various systems, without throwing around various kext's and files.


On hard disks the minimum partition size is 1 GB, on USB sticks it could be much smaller. Maybe it's possible to create smaller HD partitions via Terminal.


Greets, naquaada.

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Create a Chameleon bootloader by use of one USB dongle, with necessarry files, to just boot in case of emergency!

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Or Chameleon boot CD. Guide here:



Yes, Chameleon can be installed anywhere you like, and to any kind of device that your PC can boot from. It doesn't have to be on the same partition as the OS. In fact people have been installing it on the hidden "EFI" partition for years.

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Hi, there!

I have very good experiences with this method.

Been running Leopard, Snow Leopard and now Lion in a very smooth way.

I created a 1 GB Boot HD and it works great. Updates seem to be less messed up.


A USB Thumbdrive works great, too, but if its a partition, it works better without having to insert an extra drive.

I use it only as an emergency drive.


My machine is an Inspiron 1720.


Good luck!!!

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