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Help installing Lion on Asus P8Z68.


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Hi guys

Good evening all.

Please help me .

I had Lion osx working great on my Pc 1(gigabyte ) and could not install it onto my new Board Asus P8Z68 but somehow i found out that i had to delete a XXXX.kext (i forgot which one ) and it worked fine until 4 days ago when by accident i deleted my whole partition and could not recover it and yes i did have a backup but it was the old one which does not work. so yes a bit of advise always have 2 backups (lol!).


Anyway when i install it on Virtualbox it works great and when i transfer it to my other Pcs(gigabyte mobos) it works but with Asus it simply stops at Dsmos arrived and does not move.


Your help is much appreciated

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Thanks for the reply

Sadly it did not help.

I am posting picture of the error

I know Usb3 and Realtek 81168 won't work that does not bother me as i can fix them later. but i am not sure if the onboard graphic is the culprit??????



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