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  1. Farewell Pike

    Sorry for the loss. Sadly life is full of ups and downs.
  2. HP 250 G5 skylake whitelist

    Thanks . it is good to ask I can see Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 Wi-Fi + BT4.0 Combo Adapter maybe good to work cos i need a Combo one. will search further Anyone can you please confirm if Broadcom BCM43142 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 Wi-Fi + BT4.0 Combo Adapter works on HS 10.3.2?.
  3. Hi Guys, i have a lovely Laptop which runs the latest High sierra 10.3.2 with only 2 issues. sleep(annoying but can live with it) and Wifi which is not supported Intel AC 3165 combo. At present i am using usb wifi which works fine but I want to use Supported ngff M2 card A&E instead, the only issue is the bios may block it due to white list. Does anyone know if this model 2016 has a whitelist and if yes how do I remove it from Bios (mod bios)???, Thanks this is the model http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c05087748 this is the card used at present attached Thanks
  4. GA-Z170XP-SLI Can't Boot OS

    Mine installed and update. no issues except sleep. for audio i used voodoo v 2.8.8 see attached my config file. if it does not work use generic clover latest( go to options and tick all options on binary and leave graphic alone. return and boot with -v config.plist.zip
  5. Hi guys just built the system yesterday (run out of CPU paste and used Toothpaste instead temp is currently 49-53 c until Monday ) Everything is working fine except Audio which i then used Voodoo audio Kext v.2.8.8 and works fine with no interference. If anyone has issues please use the attach plist if using HD530 only Thanks config.plist.zip
  6. GA-Z170XP-SLI Can't Boot OS

    Hold tight. i ordered the same rig. I will be installing it tomorrow and let you know.
  7. Ozmosis modded BIOS Repository

    Hi guys Anyone has a moded bios for Asus P8Z68-v Lx? Thanks
  8. sorry i wasn't aware. anyway it is sorted now thanks
  9. Hi Guys I am so happy to be a member and can not stress how great you people have been. that is the people who worked so hard to get us where we are now and the list is long and you know who you are. thank you and also the people like myself who chose to try and test things over and over. well done everyone.
  10. Help installing Lion on Asus P8Z68.

    Update: Fixed I had to remove all ATI,Nvidia HD etc.. kexts and also removed voodohda and install HD3000.kext instead and it worked.
  11. Can anyone help me fixing my issue? Thanks see below http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=277667&pid=1810139&st=0&&do=findComment&comment=1810139
  12. Help installing Lion on Asus P8Z68.

    Thanks for the reply Sadly it did not help. I am posting picture of the error I know Usb3 and Realtek 81168 won't work that does not bother me as i can fix them later. but i am not sure if the onboard graphic is the culprit??????
  13. Hi guys Good evening all. Please help me . I had Lion osx working great on my Pc 1(gigabyte ) and could not install it onto my new Board Asus P8Z68 but somehow i found out that i had to delete a XXXX.kext (i forgot which one ) and it worked fine until 4 days ago when by accident i deleted my whole partition and could not recover it and yes i did have a backup but it was the old one which does not work. so yes a bit of advise always have 2 backups (lol!). Anyway when i install it on Virtualbox it works great and when i transfer it to my other Pcs(gigabyte mobos) it works but with Asus it simply stops at Dsmos arrived and does not move. Your help is much appreciated
  14. Update: I resolved this issue after many days of trials: this is what i did to get it working first i installed windows on first drive under UEFI and then chameleon worked using either dvd or from main instalation. it appears that Chameleon got confused seeing GPT drive and then Hybrid/MBR and went into a loop searching for the drive.
  15. Hi mate all clear now thanks you are touching the bleeding edge technology if you ask me. I know Gigabyte added Efi on top of bios as a Hack and not really 100% EFi to support 3TB HDD. I have a hybrid gigabyte Mobo and can not boot into EFi and i do not know why. I now that if you format drive under Macos you get EFI (200MB) partition and if you format it under windows you get (GPT protected partition) also 200mb. if you have a spare drive copy your mac and linux over to other drive and try your windows clean install in efi to see what happens with plain HDD. you can use a great program called partition guru or Minitool partition both support GUid and free. the aim of the exercise is to see if your mobo does indeed install in EFI under windows. make sure your DVD listing has d:\efi\boot\bootx64.efi ad if not you can extract it from sources\install.wim in system32 by using 7-zip. the other problem is if the dvd is not burnt in efi mode it won't work. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=184349 Good luck