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GPU Fan Speed driver


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here i have uploaded image with info: http://s18.postimage.org/d6exa1mnd/Screen_Shot_2012_03_31_at_1_51_07_PM.png


My GPU temperature is 46 C* average, what would bios flashing change? Will i get variable FAN speeds or people flash GPU's so

they can set higher fixed fan speeds?


In my case temperature is ok, but fan speed is fixed and fixed fan speed means gpu coolers shorter life.


Please explain me what would I achieve by flashing GPU...

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firstly, on your screen i can see that you haven't QE_CI activated (the menu bar isn't transparent), so that can be the cause your fan speed is a little bit high.


secondly, on Windows, you can use Riva Tuner to regulate your fan speed. Then you can apply that speed on your cg bios ( one speed for 2D, another one for 3D ) with flashing it.

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I have disabled transparency i like grey. QE_CI is activated, and fully working.


What i have saw with HW monitor is that GPU rpm is 1400 when temperature is 45 C*

after playing Starcraft II on Extreme details GPU temperature was 55 C* and rpm was 1800


Does that mean that GPU RPM scaling is working and is those numbers up there normal?


Thank you everyone for helping me, can i have answer to this question too :) ?


here are pictures of temperatures with HWMonitor


temperature OF GPU/ RPM


COLD: (browsing, music...)




STARCRAFT II Extreme details (just after exit screenshot)





1. Does this means my GPU RPM works, are those 57 C* normal for gaming?


2. Whats difference between HWMonitor and smcFanControl do they do same thing?

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