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I understand the purpose and the power of the right bootloader to get graphic acceleration, speedstep, etc..


I don't know how to test different BL. Is it right just overwrite the boot file in the root or is mandatory to setup the entire pkg?


I talk about chemleon 2.1 and chimera.. I test these versions and I update it just with a new boot file. If I have chimera installed, I just replace the boot file to get a chameleon....


Sometime I use the pkg but I dont know the real difference...


whats the correct update method?



thank you

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There's no simple answer to that question, it depends on your installation method, which filesystems are on your hard drives, and whether you're using Chameleon to boot multiple OS or not.


The Chameleon boot loader (Chimera is just another version of Chameleon) itself is comprised of three files:



You can see all the different versions of Chameleon here, under "Branches" to the left:


"Trunk" is the main version. Improvements and additions from other projects and versions make it into the "Trunk" source as they are tested and verified by the devs.


One of the many "correct" ways to install it is this:


This is the way I do it - except with Lion I don't use /Extra/Extensions anymore because it takes too long to boot when you can't use the kernel/extensions cache. But that's not really Chameleon's fault.


I don't recommend just replacing 'boot', you'll end up with "boot" from Chimera but, for example, "boot0hfs" and "boot1h" from whatever version you have installed last time you ran a .pkg installer.

"Boot" from Chimera won't necessarily play nice with code in the other two files if they are from a different version.

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thank you. it's the same I have noticed, but often i replace just boot file and BL seams to change with no problems (maybe) :D


I'm in this trouble to test different BL to have a good graphic support and I'm afraid about change something to lose all the optimizing progress. Hundred of reboot just make me crazy and my ati 4570 mobility just one time show me the "green apple" in my LVDS.


I have dual boot with win7 on NTFS and SL 10.6.8 on hjs. i dont have efi partition. on the third partition doesnt have OS, just data files

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