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Cpu setup for update to lion install? i3 2310m = core2 duo?

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Hi guys this is a simple one. im using chemelion the one from the mod cd before it was discontinued :(. this will boot my acer 5750 with i3 2310m and intigrated intell HD3000.


so thats the specs out of the way, here is my problem. if the latest chemeleon has cpu auto detection i cannot use it anyway it will not boot my system it just restarts before i can even -v to see whats happening. so i have to configure the cputype= string in my smbios manually in the hope that my rather weird (lion install DVD Official!) will not prompt me with the requirements i3 i5 i7 core 2 duo.


my system profiler lists my cpu as uknown at the correct speed. now heres the thing i need help with.


changing my cpu type to core two duo, as i3 is duel core, this changes system profiler listed cpu speed to almoust double. does this mean i have overclocked my Cpu to dangerous levels? or is it cosmetic?


i am using champslist btw as its a very nice way of manageing smbios ext ext (though i can do it manually or through nano)


in anycase. what would you recomend i list my cpu as?


does lion or any other app dependent on cpu restrictions use the system profiler instead?

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