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Help with Hackintoshing a HP DC7100


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Hi, I wish to put an OSx86 on a separate hdd in my PC (read my 1st (intro) post for reasons why)


After doing some research I found that the Kalyway 10.5.2 Leopard might be the easiest way to achieve this. So I have downloaded and burnt this to disk.


For simplicity unplugged Primary (win) hdd and installing on other HDD.


First attempt brought this hang when initially loading from DVD: (line repeated 2x and nothing further)


AppleBCM5771 Ethernet: 1 1659 setPowerLevels- returning early, have a 5721. onoff=, fPciDeviceId=



After research I read that if one disabled the Ethernet NIC from bios you could get around this. So I disabled Lan in the PCI settings of BIOS.


This enabled me to get the GUI OSx86 install screen. I 'formatted' the drive mac extended and continued on my merry way. Worked out that no extras need to be selected to get to the desktop.


I have gone back into my BIOS and re-enabled LAN in PCI (irq 5 if i remember correctly) but still cannot get any network to function in OSx


Also I am needing help in finding and installing Video Card drivers ASUS ATI HD 5450 512MB


Also I would like this to be dual boot so I don't have to keep unplugging and switching my HDD cables.


Finally I would like to install GarageBand so I can understand what my Tutor keeps waffling on about.



So any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.




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I don't think Lion can be installed in non-core2duo machine. Snow Leopard already required core 2 duo machine for installation. I have a HP DC7100 machine but did not try to install Leopard. Google and you can find the compatible chip and motherboard as well as graphics card for Lion machine.


However, if you really need to install Leopard on DC7100, you may want to try iDeneb v1.5.1 - 10.5.7. I used this for non core 2 duo machine.

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