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  1. tanbk168

    Help with Hackintoshing a HP DC7100

    I don't think Lion can be installed in non-core2duo machine. Snow Leopard already required core 2 duo machine for installation. I have a HP DC7100 machine but did not try to install Leopard. Google and you can find the compatible chip and motherboard as well as graphics card for Lion machine. However, if you really need to install Leopard on DC7100, you may want to try iDeneb v1.5.1 - 10.5.7. I used this for non core 2 duo machine.
  2. resolved for me. This is what I did: (1) Install Chameleon 2.1 r1627VS [iCloud & FaceTime Fix] into my Chameleon folder (first partition in my disk). (2) Edit the org.chameleon.Boot.plist using the existing com.apple.Boot.plist (3) Reboot and then at the Lion desktop, click the system preferences>Network. Remove all network devices. (4) Delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist. (5) Delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.network.identification.plist. (6) Reboot your computer. (7) Go back to System Preferences> Network and add in your network devices, starting with Ethernet type as the first Ethernet Interface (do not use Wifi as the first interface). (8) click "Apply". FaceTime and iCloud and appstore are fixed. Tried it.
  3. tanbk168

    Can't boot

    i think I saw this error before... I had leopard and windows XP on my Fujitsu laptop... probably you need to make sure you partition the hdd using MBR under options... this will help i think...
  4. tanbk168

    Upgrade to Lion (from EFI-X)

    You need Snow Leopard 10.6.8 in order for Lion to install and then the system will reboot. You will then need to use xMove to move the installation to a partition of 5gb (at least) and then you can select this partition to install over your SL or to a new partition. You need 10.6.8 to begin...
  5. tanbk168

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    I tried with Graphicsenabler=no and the EFI strings, it still works... so it does not matter if I have yes or no... I think it does not work without the EFI strings... so I'm keeping the EFI strings with enabler yes... since it does not matter...
  6. tanbk168

    Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Asus EN210 512mb works... QE/CI via Graphicsenabler=yes and EFI strings. Works on Lion and Snow Leopard... Leadtek Winfast PX9400 GT 512mb does not work for Lion.... tried for weeks but no luck... bought the Asus EN210 512mb and it works... but need to put npci=0x2000 in the boot.plist...
  7. tanbk168

    Lion won't install,,, I'm going insane!

    in the com.apple.boot.plist.... i think you have to run in verbose (-v) mode to tell us what you see. If it stops at PCI configuration something, then you have to add npci=0x2000... but we will not know until you provide more information.... I have 3 SATA harddisks that run Lion, SL and Windows Vista... Normally, I have at least one working partition so that I can test the new OSX. Also, I have one duplicate OSX just in case there is software update to check the compatibility before I update on the main working OSX... The easiest is to follow the xMove method which is straight-forward, got the Lion working in 1hr...
  8. tanbk168

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    Hi, I have Graphicsenabler=yes and the custom EFI strings both in the com.apple.boot.plist in my lion/Extra folder. It works when I have both. As what Hackintosh2000 had mentioned, I also have npci=0x2000 in my com.apple.boot.plist.... glad that you have resolved the issue...
  9. tanbk168

    Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 Working!

    Asus EN210 512mb works on Snow Leopard and Lion. Use Graphicsenabler=yes and EFI strings.
  10. tanbk168

    512mb 9400GT Boots into a white screen

    I have given up on 9400 GT card... bought myself a cheap ASUS EN210 512mb card and installed it.... it works with QE/CI (see attached picture). I'm not sure why 9400 GT cannot work with EFI strings on Lion. 9400 GT can work in Snow Leopard and Leopard but not Lion. It can boot but no QE/CI. For Asus EN210 512mb, I use GraphicsEnabler=Yes and EFI strings in com.apple.boot.plist. I'm not sure whether it is related because before I get QE/CI, it boots into Lion, I use DSDTSE in Lion to get the DSDT.aml file. Put all of them into the Lion/Extra folder and then reboot.... I also add in the npci=0x2000... it works... now I have QE/CI and I was thinking of selling away the EN210... luckily, I tried again today and I'm happy now... The next project is to make EN210 works in Leopard... if not, going to delete Leopard and free up my hdd. I did not use any NVenabler.kext... It will not load with EN210... thanks. QE_CI_for_Asus_EN210_512MB.tiff
  11. tanbk168

    SOLVED : GeForce 210, QE/CI or not QE/CI ? (LION !)

    Hi, I was using Leadtek Winfast PX9400 GT card with my leopard and snow leopard. I have tried Lion using xMove method and it works but no QE/CI. So in the end, saw Asus EN210 works and got one 512mb from the local store. Replace the existing 9400 GT with this card and it stops at the PCI configuration thing... then I put npci=0x2000 and it loads and boots to Lion but no QE/CI. So, using OSX86Tools, I use custom GeForce (enter nvidia GeForce GT210), select the DVI-VGA options, 512mb and paste the hex to the com.apple.boot.plist (device-properties). Another thing, I patched the DSDT and put all these in the Lion/Extra folder.... reboot and then wow lah... it is working.... But now, only Lion, Snow Leopard are working with QE/CI. The only problem is now Leopard which cannot boot and having kernel panic at AppleIntelCpuPowermanagment thing.... So the next thing I'm going to transfer all important files from Leopard to snow Leopard and then disk utility to wipe out the Leopard... QE_CI_for_Asus_EN210_512MB.tiff
  12. tanbk168

    512mb 9400GT Boots into a white screen

    Same here... I did a vanilla installation of Lion GM using xMove with SL. Using SL, install the Lion GM, then reboot and use xMove to create an installer partition. Then, using Chameleon, and boot into the installer to install a clean Lion. Boot into Lion but no QE/CI because Chess game does not work and iMovie does not work. I have a Winfast Leadtek PX9400 GT 512mb Nvidia graphics card. Tried to inject EFI strings, no reaction. Tried Graphicsenabler=yes, no reaction. Tried NVenabler.kext, it gives garbage graphics. Tried NVenabler 64.kext, same thing... No luck with the 9400 GT card. Maybe going to try other ways... any idea or help? Thanks.
  13. updated using the software update. Got kernel panic. Attached is the photo. Anyone can help me? I had 3 OSX in my system with Windows Vista. I'm using Chameleon.
  14. tanbk168

    Is there a 64-bit AppleAC97Audio.kext?

    Thanks, eMatoS. Tried, but not working... think maybe have to change my mb...
  15. Hi, I have SL installed and there is sound only in i386 mode, that is 32 bit mode. When I installed SL, the default was x64 and there is no sound. So I have to edit the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist and add in arch=i386. However, I would like to run in 64-bit mode. Can anyone please help me to convert the AppleAC97Audio.kext into 64bit? Or maybe there is other way? Thanks. Attached is my sound kext: AppleAC97Audio.kext.zip