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MacMod of the Month - MUST READ RULES before Entering & Voting! :-)


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About MacMod of the Month:



Why is this being done? Well, after being a 15+ year Mac owner, I started seeing some incredible PC builds within the last few years and maybe it was a mid-life crisis thing, but I actually got intrigued with wanting to do my own Custom PC as well as being able to figure out how to get my purchased copy of Mac OS X installed on my new PC build; since I kept hearing about "Hackintoshes." I also wanted to create a place where we can not only use our use our Hackintoshes, but display them with PRIDE! After talking it over with other moderators here on InsanelyMac (seeing if they would be willing to get that started), they asked if I would be willing to put my suggestion into practice. So here we are and hence the reason why we have MacMod of the Month. So get your MOD ON and show us what you got !!! :-D


MacMod of the Month Rules*:


1) Must be custom built (by you) with PC parts only. You're allowed to use an Apple Power PC Case for your build (it's up to you), but again, it can only use PC parts inside.

2) You can only use a Legal Purchased Copy that you bought of Mac OS X and it doesn't matter what version it is: (i.e., 10.5.X to current release) - Because of piracy issues NO DISTROS is allowed - PERIOD. (to find out more about Distros related issues please go here: http://myhack.sojuga...istros-are-bad/ to gain a better understanding of the topic and why we don't allow it).

3) You must include a minimum of 10 images or more, showing off the Top, Front, Left Side and Right Side of the case. If you have a window on any side of your case, or would like to take off the PC door panel to show off the inside of the case (if it's a clean and tight build), then that can only help toward others voting for your build.

4) All total votes will be determined by the members voting on the comment section of that person's Hackintosh build. Everyone (including moderators) will be allowed to enter only one vote per member's entry. If you vote for another person's build that is fine too but again, it can only be voted on only once. Multiple votes on the same person's build will not be counted.

5) All votes will be monitored by me (and the other moderators) and start date of when the votes will be counted will be the 1st of every month and last vote will be counted on the last day of that month. The best of 12 cases of that year will also go into our final voting of that year to see who will be the final winner of: MacMod of the Year.

6) VERY IMPORTANT !!! MAKE SURE THAT YOU STATE (in that persons comments section) - "I'm voting for this Mod" or "You've got my vote for this Mod" - so we know that you voted for that person's MacMod.

7) If your Mod does NOT win that particular month you may enter it again the next month, but if your Mod wins you cannot enter it again for that calendar year.

*(Rules are subject to change without notice).


For this month only voting will go on till the end of April.

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