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0XDeadbeef from sata


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So Im making a build for a friend. Gave him the good ol' Gigabyte build for what to buy. Now Ive hit a problem Ive never seen and cant figure out.


When i boot anythign (iatkos, boot cds, usb, imaged builds) I get the 0xdeadbeef error. My crash is in the hfs.c file so this isnt an gpu error. So I unplug everything from sata but the dvd drive. And this start working correctly. But still I cant put a hdd in to install to. And if I can DD my own machines setup, I get the deadbeef loading from that hdd too.


Any ideas?


GA Z68X-UD3H-B3 F10 / i5 / Corsair Vengeance PC1600 8GB (Tried 2gb and 4gb too) / WD Cavalier Black / XFX 6970 Black (tried 5770 too)

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