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  1. 0XDeadbeef from sata

    So Im making a build for a friend. Gave him the good ol' Gigabyte build for what to buy. Now Ive hit a problem Ive never seen and cant figure out. When i boot anythign (iatkos, boot cds, usb, imaged builds) I get the 0xdeadbeef error. My crash is in the hfs.c file so this isnt an gpu error. So I unplug everything from sata but the dvd drive. And this start working correctly. But still I cant put a hdd in to install to. And if I can DD my own machines setup, I get the deadbeef loading from that hdd too. Any ideas? GA Z68X-UD3H-B3 F10 / i5 / Corsair Vengeance PC1600 8GB (Tried 2gb and 4gb too) / WD Cavalier Black / XFX 6970 Black (tried 5770 too)
  2. I didnt bother adding the ids to the kext this time. In fact I discovered this all by accident. You do need the EVO enabler, and an HDMI cable attached to the card and you have full support on VGA. If you have problems, let me know so I can collect more information and help.
  3. Google can help. Wikipedia can help The search bar can help. Ignorance cannot
  4. Ati 4550 HD 10.6.2 to 10.6.4 success

    here is my solution, hope it works http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=239323 works on 10.6.3
  5. Gigabyte ATI 4550 pcie and 10.6.4

    here is my solution, hope it works http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=239323
  6. ATI HD 4550?!

    here is my solution, hope it works http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=239323
  7. If you are reading this, you probably bought a 4550 thinking you would save some bucks and have your self an kickass mac ready in no time only to find some rather painful problems regarding kext, framebuffer and so on. So Im going to tell you how I have my system up and running, with nothing more than iAtkos S3 V2 and an HDMI cable. Now I do not want to take any responsibility for any damage caused by this. I have reformated and installed multiple times to verify that this is repeatable as well as placing the card into other motherboard and found it will not work when I skip this method and will work when I follow it. Step one. Have your VGA monitor plugged into the port and also place a HDMI cable into the HDMI slot. The HDMI cable does not need to be connected to anything for this to work, but does need to be plugged in at all times for you to have your VGA port continue to work. Also I would like to state that the HDMI port does not work for video out, but I havent tried to mess with it so it is possible that it could. Step two. Install iAtkos S3 V2. I have not confirmed this works with any other distro, but I dont see why it work. Step three. When selecting your hardware, I did not select the ATI framebuffer or any other patches besides the EVO enabler. You can still use your network and other patches without any issue as far as I can tell. Step four. Once the install is done, you will need to keep the HDMI cable pluged in at all times. If you unplug it, you can plug it back in and the VGA port will come back online. Also, you may have some resolution issues when watching the 'welcome to mac' video, but you can always change them in the preferences options. No need for pesky switches. Now some more things to note just to be diligent. [] I have only updated my system to 10.6.4, and everything works fine. I dont see why it wont work if you go past this. [] The "Graphics Enabler" option in the patches is Hit/Miss. Sometimes it will work with it, sometimes it wont. I just leave it off for continued sucess. [] The card reads as a HD4890, but does read correctly for speed and memory (1gb in my case) IF you have any questions, feel free to ask me here in the topic so our work can be documented. I will assist in any way possible.
  8. x1300/x1550

    Ok, quick question then. Would this work the with the 512mb AGP version of the 1300, or just the PCIe? (id 7146) Also, do you just use Kext helper to install or are there any other steps involved?
  9. Hello people. So Ive got my system almost running with the exception that my Realtek AC'97 ICH4 audio will not work. After looking into the matter I discovered that the dvd I am using does not have the AppleAC97Audio.kext on it and so as a result, I need to install it myself. Before I go any further I will say that my system is a SSE2 P4 2.56 ghz with the Voodo 9.7.0 Kernel I think. I went ahead and installed the kext, set permisions and removed the extension.mkext file and as I went to empty the recyling bin....I heard it empty! Alright. So I then go to restart the system and its a no go. I tried a few more reboots and the same thing happend again and again. Now Im going to assume this has something to do with the modifed kernel, but I cannot figure out why sound will work until I restart. Here is the forum link from uphuck where I got my appleac97audio.kext that gave me sound until the restart. http://uphuck.ggrn.de/forum/viewtopic.php?...=appleac97audio Any help would be greatly apreciated. Also, I have read that you can take this kext from a 10.4.* install and it will work with the 10.5.7. If so, any help to obtain would be great. Thankyou
  10. Alright guys, Ive looked through here and cannot seem to find what it is I need so I will just ask for assitance. I have a USB-IDE connector currently hooked up to a laptop ATA drive. I would like to somehow copy the iAtkos v7 dvd to this drive and make it bootable, but my motherboard does not support booting off this drive. I was woundering if there is a bootable cd image that would allow me to do this. I would burn a dvd but I do not have a working burner, so my options are limited to my last cdr and this hard disk. Any help?
  11. Financial app that downloads bank data?

    Personally, I use African Scamer Soft. Basically once you put in your bank info, someone downloads all of your funds. The gentleman who wrote me the email about the program will probably contact you shortly as many of my friends have also heard from him.
  12. SSE2 CPUs slower at Dashboard/Expose?

    Question 1: Pretty much yes, atleast for the part about the sse3 commands are pretty much striped and converted. But you can get QE/CI to work on a sse2 machine. I have a machine with a sse2 processor with the GMA 900 chipset that has both QE/CI. Its just a matter of your gfx card really for that issue. Question 2: There is a chance, but its a very hard task. Just wait and see if something gets deved-up.
  13. No Sound!

    maybe you should find out a little more about your audio chipset, and maybe install it? Go read the tuts, check the HCL (thats Hardware Compatability List) and see what to do.
  14. How do you Play CS:Source on a non-Intel G5?

    DarWine wont work, as there is no sound support, or dx9 support. To be honest, I really really doubt that you going to get to play.
  15. [sell] IMac G3, starting bid for 0.01

    I bid $0.10 That is a serious bid by the way