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First of all, Hello everyone. I've just joined Insanely Mac(and cleared a couple of fairly simple quizzes before I could actually post this).

Basically, I am a student residing in India where Apple products aren't as cheap as what you could get in U.S. or Singapore. The 15' Macbook Pro range starts from about $2000(even after student discounts its somewhere near $1850 or so) here which makes it quite unaffordable and unrealistic for me. Therefore, I am looking for some Notebook/Laptop that can be Hackintoshed to provide almost similar to original Mac experience, if not identical. Anything that costs $1000(Rs. 50,000) or lesser and meets the above requirements would do good. Ofcourse, I cannot expect a Hackintosh to work flawlessly out of the box, but yes, I need something that would require minimum tweaking or messing with kexts etc and something that is stable, reliable and fairly usable.

Looking forward to helpful replies. :)

Edit: I forgot to mention, I would be dual booting OS X and Windows7 even though I would be spending 80% of the time with OS X.

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hi lakshay see this

Sony Vaio VPCEH25EN http://wiki.osx86pro...ables#VPCEH25EN


its cost in india is about 35000 rupees i guess may be less also check on local stores :)




I've always been a great fan of Sony Vaio series. Though 1 thing that I'd like to know is whether it is fully compatible or if it isn't then what are the unsupported features?

Sounds promising, even though I'd prefer something i5/i7 with some 500gb HDD. Does it have other hackintosh compatible variants like Hp Probook series?(They have a good no. of notebooks in probook series that run almost flawlessly)

Else, White Vaio notebook is a win win for me.

Thanks. :)

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hmmm then it would not come in ur budget i guess :) just go through the wiki here u ll get an idea of which components will work which will not based on that u can go to the place where they sell laptops u can consult the person there :D..n don t ever make a mistake of buying a laptop with ATi gfx card i m not able to install lion or sL :(( ..i m not sure it has other variants sorry i m not an expert :) i m just helping u find the one thats easy to install.hard disk u can always upgrade same goes for ram :) i guess i3 will suffice ur needs id u are not into high level gaming video editing professional etc :)

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Hmm, I see. I'm not into professional video editing or hardcore gaming, But yeah, I am into decent gaming you could say. I'm pretty much convinced with these two options though. Thanks alot for your valuable inputs. :)

Just one thing more..Will a laptop be mountain lion compatible if it is compatible with Lion? Or should I wait for its release and then buy?

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i think the ones compatible with lion should work well with mLion because the hardware support is increasing getting better in Ml as i read through this forum :) core2duo is not supported i guess all the i series should work imo

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      My name is Joshua Bedford, and I'm brand new to this community. It appears as though I have been missing out! I started over at hewhoshallnotbenamed's (from what I understand) website. I need some help!

      I built my first (and only so far) hackintosh a little over 2 years ago (I think. haven't looked at exact dates). It has worked phenomenally, and was running my dual 27" displays perfectly for web development and video editing. The problem now is USB3.0, audio, and iMessage no longer work. iMessage was always spotty, but I need audio and USB3.0! It recognizes USB2.0 devices plugged into 3.0 ports, but not 3.0 devices (such as my 3TB external drive and usb hub).

      My question is this: Based on the hardware below, would it be a good idea / compatible to wipe it and start over with high sierra and the newest bootloader powering it? The only data on the drive is the OS and a few programs. Nothing irreplaceable or difficult to replace. My main question is one of compatibility (I'm not very knowledgeable about this process).


      GPU: GTX960
      CPU: i7-4790k
      MB: UD5H-Bk
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      WNA: TP-Link WDN4800

      PCPARTPICKER link: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/JrBedford/saved/#view=vpMLrH

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      Let me know if more information is needed. I am willing to be helped in debugging the current system, but i wonder if installing high sierra would be easier.

      P.S. I bent a few of the pins in the USB3.0 header that connects the front panel of my case. That wouldn't cause the entire system to reject USB3.0 right? I'm plugging directly into the motherboard not through that plug.
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      I have a Dell Latitude D810 currently running Lubuntu 14.10.
      I would like to make it a hackintosh. Preferably somewhere around 10.6.. That's basically my only macOS experience.
      Can anyone tell me if this is compatible? I believe it is stock config but my grandpa (previous owner) might have added something.
      Specs I know of:
      Intel Centrino
      40 GB hard disk
      originally had Windows XP dual booted with Ubuntu 10 (neither would boot)
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      Hi there.

      Previously, I installed Mavericks and Mountain Lion with Niresh's Distros and worked well!

      I did shrink like 50gigs of storage for Mac installation, created usb with the help of instruction, changed bios settings, and were ready to rock with dual boot support and every time it worked out without an issue! Though I had my old pc that time. 

      But I guess, from EL Capitan, things got messier a bit. Now I have to erase things and install mac first and then windows for dual boot.
      Also, I bought new pc, so whole bios settings are new to me.

      Conclusion : I need the latest Hackintosh with proper dual boot with my Windows 10, and I don't want to format nor erase anything on my HDD, and don't wanna format my windows 10. my father does work on this pc, me too, so please make sure nothing goes wrong, no file losing stuff please. I don't have other HDD so please I need the help. I want to install the mac on this existing windows machine. I could barely format windows 10 drive 'C' only and after mac, I will install windows again, but make sure except drive: C, no other drives get any effect at all. 

      And also, as I said, my PC is new, telling the specs of this pc, so please mention the bios settings and drivers stuff if possible. Please help me with Bios settings at least if drivers are not possible.

      Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VH
      CPU: Core i3 7100 (7th gen)
      RAM: HyperX 8GB DDR4 2400mhz
      HDD: 500GB SATA [GPT Partition]
      GPU: Nvidia 1050 TI 4GB
      Monitor : ASUS VP228 (1920x1080 Resolution)

      Another thing, I have ps2 keyboard, will it be ok? 

      Please help. Thanks.
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      Ciao a tutti!! Vorrei sapere se è possibile fare un dual boot win10 e osx 12 su asus rog gl702vm-ba135t e come farlo. Non ho trovato guide ne nulla. Spero che possiate aiutarmi. Grazie a chi mi risponderà
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