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hp 6550b i5 520m+ati 4300/4500

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Hey all,


I have installed iatkos l1 (lion) on my probook.

But im having some problems finding a driver for my ati card (4300/4500).

And also how to get all cores working on the cpu, 2 are working but the other 2 don`t i can see them but no activity.

Can anybody help me out, and also im having probs with the qe/ci .


Thanx in advance.

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There Is Currently No Driver For The ATI 4300/4500. I Have The Same Laptop In i3 Version. However All Probook 6550b CPU Are First Generation iX CPU So We Have A Built In Intel HD Graphics. I'm Working On How To Enable It. And Bypassing The Ati 4300/4500 I'll Let You Know How It Goes.

As For The CPU Technically Ur Computer Only Has 2 CPU's But Each Has 2 Cores. So U Have 4 Cores And 2 CPU's

I Have Some Questions Of My Own And Would Like Help If Any Of These Are Working For You.

  • Wifi
  • Sound (anything better than voodoohda?)
  • gestures (trackpad works but no gestures)

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