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    hp 6550b i5 520m+ati 4300/4500

    There Is Currently No Driver For The ATI 4300/4500. I Have The Same Laptop In i3 Version. However All Probook 6550b CPU Are First Generation iX CPU So We Have A Built In Intel HD Graphics. I'm Working On How To Enable It. And Bypassing The Ati 4300/4500 I'll Let You Know How It Goes. As For The CPU Technically Ur Computer Only Has 2 CPU's But Each Has 2 Cores. So U Have 4 Cores And 2 CPU's I Have Some Questions Of My Own And Would Like Help If Any Of These Are Working For You. Wifi Sound (anything better than voodoohda?) gestures (trackpad works but no gestures)
  2. AMDHome

    HP ProBook 6550b

    Hello There. Hope I'm Not To Late I Have The Same Model As You With Some Slight Modifications. I Have Made A Near Full Functioning Hackingtosh. And Would Be Willing To Collaborate With You To Help Make Yours Work Too. Unlike Most Hackingtoshers Here I Am Not A Very Professional Hacker. I Am Only A "Script Kiddie" aka One Who Uses Others Prewritten Code To Solve My Own Problems. Small Difference Is I Am Dual Booting The Windows 8 I Already Have Installed With Mac OS X 10.8.x From The Same Hard Drive Instead Of Listing My Specs I Will Just List The Major Differences In Our Computer And My Version Of The Item CPU: Intel Core i3-380m 2.53 Quad Core Ram: 8gb DDR3 HDD: 750Gb SATA Graphics: ATI Mobility Radon 4300/4500 Series I Do Have Intel HD Graphics Built Into My i3 Processor But I Cannot Use It Due To The ATI Mobility Radon Driver Is WDDM 1.1 Also Tho Please Note That Not All Small Items Will Work (i.e. SD Card Reader... Speaking Of Which I Should Test That) But Your Computer Should Run The Main OS Portion Below Are The Parts In Which I Am Still Struggling On Or Working On Sound => (I Know How To Fix This. Just A Little Lazy Because It Requires A Lot Of Trial And Error) Gestures On Trackpad => (Trackpad Works But Gestures And 2-Finger Scrolling Don't Work) Graphics Aren't Accelerated I Will Never Be Able To Solve This Problem Unless Someone Writes A Kext For My ATI Graphics Card Or Apple Starts Using ATI Graphic Cards On Their MachineThis Makes It So That I Cant Have Good Graphics While Watching Videos Or Using iWork/iLife (Also Makes Hackingtosh Kinda Useless For Me) Since You Have Intel Graphics I Have A Guess On How This Work Wireless => (Ethernet Works Just Not Wireless. Going To Work On It Later)I Don't Know What Wireless Card You Have But Mines: Intel Wireless 1000 BGN Things That I Have Not Tested. Microphone SD Card Reader Things That Work For Me (Some Of These Were Found Out By Accident) Ethernet Basic Graphics At 1366x768 Mouse And Scroll Wheel Keyboard => (Minor Glitches Because Of The Mac/Pc Keyboard Differences But All The Major Keys Work) Webcam Facebook Integration If Your Interested In Collaborating (If I'm Not To Late) Or Have Any Questions Just Respond To This Thread. The Things That Do/Don't Work Are Made Off My Head. I May Have Left Some Out.