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hey all i got a nvidia 8400gs 512mb with dvi,vga and hdmi and currently only dvi works and im stuck on 1024x768 and would like to change it, i installed the nvidia drivers but that didnt work is there something im missing?


EDIT nevermind i got it working for anyone else try nvenabler it worked for me!


EDIT ok vga works through a dvi adapter but i still cant get hdmi to work no matter what resolution i try anyone got any ideas?

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I picked up the Asus 8400gs 1Gb DDR3 card. At first I only got 1024x768 but after modifying the Info.list in one of the kext files I got it working fully. One thing that is lacking is the performance. I actually got better performance with my 7300gs 256meg card. Still trying to get the performance to improve before dealing with the hdmi.

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