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  1. thank you! how do i update to 10.11.6? edit never mind thanks so much for your help!
  2. hey everyone i managed to get 10.11.3 installed on my desktop but can only boot to the desktop with my usb installer attached, i am using clover as the bootloader in legacy mode, the KP i am getting is unable to find driver for this platform acpi i have tried many different things but cannot get past this, does anyone have any ideas i can try?
  3. I do have an old iMac from 2006 it's a core duo but only goes up to 10.7.5 can I use this to make it?
  4. i work IT at a local hospital which is how I have access to the MacBook Air with elcaptain
  5. i don't have access to a Mac or a Mac virtual machine here at home but I do have access to an older Mac book air at work running the latest os so I will take my computer with me and try and use it to get everything I need
  6. Would this guide work on a optiplex 960 with a nvidia GeForce 8400gs?
  7. no problem I have a 960 tower but only a nvidia 8400gs would that work? It's a pcie card
  8. Would this guide work on a dell optiplex 760 usff?
  9. i get the spinning ball when i click the wireless icon, i also have to go into Preferences>Network and run the assist me to connect to any network after a restart or starting up, also if i close the lid on my laptop and the screen goes black it does not come back up, i have to hold down the power button to shut it off and start it back up again, i have a dell latitude d630 with os x 10.9 installed using my hack and my wireless card is a bcm4312 EDIT ok i know whats causing the issue and i dont know if there is even a fix for it, i had to use a airportd file from os x 10.8.2 i think to get the wireless to even work, if i put the 10.9 version back everything works but i cannot connect to any wireless networks that have passwords, anyone know how to fix that?
  10. is there any update for this? i have a bcm4312 and would like it to remember my wifi settings on 10.9
  11. I'm not worried about apps I'm just doing it cause it interests me and if I do it's just for light Internet stuff
  12. I'm getting this same exact thing I don't know what's causing it
  13. luke9511

    iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6 and virtualbox

    is there any software i should use to burn iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 (Final) to a dvd?
  14. Hello everyone I am trying to install this on virtualbox so that i can restore the iso to a usb thumb drive, but i cannot boot into the desktop as i keep getting an error message about localhost mdnsresponder, anyone know how i can get around it?
  15. hey all my gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3p motherboard died on me but i have a lanparty dk x38-t2rb as a spare does anyone know if it will work with lion or mountain lion?