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Issue with video


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Hi Guys,


I have started having an issue with my Lion install and need some help trying to work out what could be causing it.


The issue is when playing a video on YouTube it will run fine until I scroll which then causes it to stop and go weird, I then need to close the window and reload it to get it to run.


The mouse also feels jittery sometimes, especially when browsing the web, when the curser goes over a link it will pause for a second.


I am not sure if this is all the one issue or multiple issues.


I am running:


Mainboard - GA-G31M-S2L

Intel Core2

GeForce 9500GT

Dual Monitors


10.7.3 with Chameleon v2.1svn r1878 installed using Chameleon Wizard.


The only kext in Extra is FakeSMC and I have a custom DSTD. I also have HDAenabler for sound.


Any help on this would be great.



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UPDATE: I have been playing around and have found that any video I play (using VLC) will slow down and go choppy if I scroll a webpage or do something while its playing.


It seems the computer is haveing problems with multitasking....


Any ideas??

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I have now re-installed Lion, all fresh, no restore from a TimeMachine and I am still having the issue.


Everything just gets sluggish when more than one thing is going on it seems.


Surley someone has some ideas of what I can do? It really only seems to have started after the latest software update that fixed 10.7.3.

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