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Francesco Diaz

App store doesn't work

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I have two problem, after install snow leopard 10.6.8, the app store doesn't work, tells me that my device can not be recognized.


The other problem are that I can't install xcode or safari, *that is a javascript error package* :(.


Please, help :)

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It's most likely because you don't have the built in ethernet string in your boot.plist last time I checked when I added that in it resolved my App Store issue as well.


EDIT: Seems like GV has beaten me to this post yet again lol.



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Son, you're messing with the fastest trigger in the South.


..cough.. *dusts off leather trenchcoat and rides off towards the sunset on a Honda Pop 100*


The EthernetBuiltIn property set, by itself is not enough.

I posted the full requirements along with a few other ways to do it right, here:


I don't know this for sure...but, I guess that complete Mac model DMI data in smbios.plist is also required.

I'm not going to remove my smbios.plist to find out though. :grin:

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Oh yeah you're right I did leave out having to set the network ssy pref settings for the en0 which your linked post clearly details what to do.


And hmm... fastest trigger of the South you say? I'd be much quicker than a Honda Pop 100 if I weren't hiding behind proxies all day slowing me down like a turtle ;)

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That, and that you must have a driver loaded for it as well otherwise nothing happens.


Can I ask; are you hiding because you're


- at work and not allowed to access anything but corporate websites

- living in a country where the government is so afraid of its own people that it has to censor the internet

- famous and you don't want your true identity to be known

- paranoid

- [insert something else that I couldn't possibly imagine]

- I can't ask

- all of the above




:blink: at least I know now that you're "in the south" hehe

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Nah it's actually none of the above GV I just walk through proxies on forums and when I am up to scandalous things on the net such as torrenting and other "stuff." I definitely "in the south" from time to time lol.


Not a bad guy, I just don't like being followed when I'm roaming about the Internetz.


And glad to hear Francesco that you got everything sorted out =D

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