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How to get proper graphics drivers in VirtualBox?


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So, I'm running Mac OS X snow Leopard in VirtualBox and I got everything working pretty well. Slow downs here and there, but it's VirtualBox. I successfully updated it to 10.6.8 and had to force edit PLists to get a good resolution. Now, I'm wondering, how can I get proper drivers for it? I mainly want to do this so that I can test Minecraft type things (like say I fork something like InsideJob and I want to test if it works or not) and also, to get the sexy transparent menubar. Whenever i run minecraft, I get an LWJGL/OpenGL sort of bug and I'm not quite sure how to fix it.


In addition, the App Store is very slow and Im thinking graphics might help a little =P


So, if you guys need anything else about the computer besides the following information, let me know below


Compter: Lenovo IdeaCentre

Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.2 ghz

4 gb of ram (~3.7 usable)

Intel Express Chipset (Allocated 128 mb along with 3D and 2D acceleration)

Windows 7 Ultimate x64/~20gb Alloated for an Ubuntu 11.04 partition


I really hope you guys can help me, I'm not expecting to be able to play Minecraft on super duper settings with decent FPS but I at least want to be able to play it with all the settings turned down and at least get 25 FPS just to test =)


Thanks in advanced, Mike


PS, I used LeoHazard 10.6.2 as my install base and updated it to 10.6.8 =P

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Unlike Parallels, VirtualBox does not use your actual graphics hardware, it uses an emulated, "virtual" video card just like Microsoft's virtual PC. Therefore your specs are completely irrelevant. The advantage to this is that you can use the same solutions as everybody else, because the virtual hardware is the same for everybody.

Look for more information in the "multibooting and virtualization" sub forum. If there is a way to get hardware accelerated graphics in virtualbox, that's the place to look for it.

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Yeah I think most people are using VMWare.


Anyway, still, if anyone out there has found a way to do what you want on Virtualbox, you can use whatever method they are using because the virtual hardware is the same. If you can't find anything by googling then it probably doesn't exist.

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