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Windows 8 booting through Apple EFI


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I've recently obtained a MacBook Pro Late 2011 13" (for my bday!!!) and I was messing around with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and found that the x64 edition has the /efi/boot/bootx64 already made.


The disk booted and installed fine (through UEFI). Then when you goto reboot when you press Option at the start up chime you get the 'EFI Boot' hard drive icon!!!!!


When you select it you will boot to the desktop and have running Windows 8 Consumer Preview. All through UEFI. The one problem with this is sometimes audio doesn't work and it is somewhat unstable and will occasionally refuse to boot and you have to force restart.

I've made a video on this booting and everything check it out!!



I've also posted this in Apple Hardware

Just trying to get the word around!!!


More info to come!!

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Nice but I'm a little surprised. Wouldn't that mean Windows 8 has lower EFI version requirements (<1.1) than Windows 7 (2.0).

No actually Windows 8 probably is booting in a different way through UEFI

and newer Macs have a lot of 2.0 UEFI components in them for example: GOP, NetBoot, etc..


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