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How to verify SpeedStep?

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Hi guys,

I've tryed to use MSRTools but after install the pkg I can not see anything on MSRTools screen... after the "Initialize...' message it becomes all gray with no info. :(


Is there another way to understand if the Speedstep is woking? cmd line will be fine too... :)

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Still can't find a way in order to show the instant cpu freq. :(

I've tryed MSR Tools booting my netbook with arch=i386 but still no info on MSR Tools Windows.

I saw that both with arch=i386 and booting without option in the SW info the 64bit option is "NO".

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You can see your power states in IORegistryExplorer (P- and C-states), how to do that is shown with screenshots in several posts in the topic I linked to. Use a temperature monitoring utility to verify that they are working.


I am not familiar with any utility that actually shows your CPU clock in real time as it changes. AFAIK MSR Tools required you to install a low level driver for it to work at all, otherwise it would show a blank window like you say. I can no longer remember if MSR Tools only worked with the Voodoo Kernel or if it will actually work with the Vanilla kernel as well.

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FYI.  There is a new multi-os application and api from Intel that shows processor speed and current consumption.




They also have a mac cpuid program -- that just displays info about your cpu.   On i5 it doesn't display current speed.



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