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HP COMPAQ 6910p- Mac OSX Snow leopard


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Translation in English (I'm italian)


Hello all ...

I have a hp compaq 6910p and I want to install your operating system Snow Leopard. (I have the original CD of snow leopard 10.6.3)

Features of my pc:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T7100

Processor Speed: 1800MHz

Memory: 4096MB

Rom bios version: F.06


Emerged as the primary boot cd by inserting the CD boot loader (Chameleon st. 2.0-rc5-R700).

At this point I insert the CD of Snow Leopard, I type f5 and I get the voice osx install dvd.

If I start with sending me directly load the blank page with the apple and the spinning wheel and then leaves the icon of the ban and I block everything.

I tried it with various commands (-v /-x /-s / f or-with-v-x PciRoot = 1) but with that after a long series of writings on black gives me an error and I do not go further . (The error is "Steel waiting for root device") help me! Thank you!

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Rather than a plain chameleon CD you will need to use Nawcoms ModCD or similar as 10.6.3 has no sandy-bridge support (10.6.7 brings sand-bridge support).


Boot with -v and post a photo of any kernel panic you may get.


Once snow is installed you should be able to update to Lion if you so choose.

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