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Snow Leopard on GA-E7AUM-DS2H Install Lockup

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After numerous trial and error cycles I succeeded to boot the OSX 10.6.0 build 10a432 Install DVD from my HDD

I used Grub2 to boot to Chameleon

Extracted the chameleon bootloader files to /boot/chameleon

Used dmg2img to convert the dmg file

Booted using option rd=disk0s6 (fixed devfs_kernel_mount kernel panic)

Script used to copy and setup everything under linux (partitioning was done using gparted)

losetup -o 1034489856 /dev/loop0 snowleopard_10a432_userdvd.img
mkdir /mnt/osx-dvd
mount -t hfsplus /dev/loop0 /mnt/osx-dvd
mkfs.hfsplus -v "Mac OS X Install HDD" /dev/sda6
mkdir /mnt/osx-hdd
mount -t hfsplus /dev/sda6 /mnt/osx-hdd
cd /mnt/osx-dvd
tar cvf - * | tar xvf - -C /mnt/osx-hdd
cd /boot/chameleon
cp boot /mnt/osx-hdd/usr/standalone/i386
cp boot1h /mnt/osx-hdd/usr/standalone/i386
cp boot0 /mnt/osx-hdd/usr/standalone/i386
umount /mnt/osx-dvd
umount /mnt/osx-hdd
cd /mnt
rm -rf osx-dvd osx-hdd
dd if=/boot/chameleon/boot1h of=/dev/sda6

But in the end the installer doesn't appear, all I get is the spinning wait cursor


I have 2x2GB Kingston KVR Ram if it matters

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I managed to boot the disk, restored the DVD to another partition, added kexts (EvOreboot, fakesmc, JMicron36xATA), DTST and smbios (e90), added files from [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] and replaced OSInstall (for 10.6.0) and OSInstall.pkg

The installation starts but the graphics become scrambled and the installation fails

I attached the log

Installer Log 22-Feb-2012.txt

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