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USB/Internal Drive Installation Tutorial for 10.8

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1. Install Path Finder (this is an enhanced Finder App http://www.cocoatech.com/ )


2. Double click the MLion dmg file to mount it


3. Enable invisible files to be shown, in Path Finder R. click-Show View Options-check Show Invisibles


4. Navigate to the mounted MLion dmg and drag BaseSystem.dmg to Documents Folder


5. Now in Path Finder Navigate to BaseSystem.dmg in Documents and R. click, uncheck Invisible so the item will not have an invisible flag!


6. In Disk Utility select your hard drive from the left, click on the Restore Tab and for the Source you will choose the BaseSystem.dmg in Documents (must not be invisible). Drag your new MLion Install partition from the list on the left into the Destination Slot (make sure Erase Destination & Replace is checked). Then Restore


7. Once the dmg has been restored, navigate to System/Installation/ in your new MLion Install partition (which should now be Mac OS X Base System) and delete the Packages Alias


8. Copy Packages Folder from the MLion Image to your new Mac OS X Base System Partition to /System/Installation using Path Finder … must have invisible flag (!) <-- Not sure if this is necessary or not, mine was not invisible.

- also copy “mach_kernel” from the Lion Image to the root of Mac OS X Base System Partition … must have invisible flag also (to make files invisible, in Path Finder, R. click on them and choose Get Info, check Invisible)

Credit goes to User_01



I purposely removed the last two steps, as there is some info that must happen before you reboot and install. I recommend using a USB for this process, but if for some reason (like me) you can't get past your BIOS Post screen with a USB plugged in, then in Disk Utility Restore the USB image to a blank partition inside your computer.


9. Copy the Extra folder from your current Lion install over to the root of the drive. This should have in it smbios.plist, org.chameleon.boot.plist, your Extensions folder, and extensions.mkext.


10. Check the S/L/E of the ML installation drive for any kexts that you know will throw you a KP on startup with the system definition you are running. For example, I had to remove AppleTyMCEDriver.kext because on my system definition (MacPro4,1) it gave me a KP when loading.


11. I personally made sure I was running the proper version of chameleon on my existing Lion installation, and used that to boot into my installation partition. You can either do that, or install Chameleon 1819, or Chameleon 1820 with ML Patch, to your USB drive as those are the ones that have been said to work. Click on the link to obtain the proper Chameleon Boot loader: http://www.insanelym...dpost&p=1797235


12. Also make sure to copy these files from the InstalBSD image you mounted earlier to the root of your USB or drive. It is important to note that these files must be invisible (it should happen automatically when copying, but just in case)!:





5.MacOSX_Media_Background.png. <--Don't worry about this.


Credit goes to this thread


13. Reboot and boot from your USB. If you installed to a partition, let your computer boot as it normally would, but instead of selecting your Lion drive, select your installation partition (which should be there). For the first boot, boot verbose incase you come across any errors. If you are getting PCI Configuration Begin, try booting with the flag npci=0x2000, that is what I did and it worked.


14. Now you should be at the installer screen if all went well, click through and install, then on reboot boot into your new ML partition/drive!


15. Now to do some cleaning. Once you are all setup open up your drive/usb and copy the Extra folder to the root of your ML installation. If you have audio kexts, ethernet kexts, or any other kexts that helped enable key features, now is when you install them. I had to install the Realteck 81xxx ethernet drives, and well as the AppleHDA.kext rollback for AL8xx. Note all Fermi graphics should work OOB with no configuration needed except for OpenCL.


16. Enjoy your new ML installation!


If I missed anything please let me know and I will update it. Please note this is a general guide, and things specifically relating to your system I can't really help you with. Good luck to everyone!





"Mac OS X can't be installed on this computer.

This version of OS X 10.7 cannot be intalled on this computer.

If you want to restore your system from a time machine backup, click restore from backup."


See here for solution, and if that doesn't work try this.

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