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New UNO 1.3.1 out today


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just saw that the new UNO is out, and there are many fixes and new features

within it. Mozilla apps are now supported, so Firefox can be polished with a nice

coco look out of the box.


Weehaa :)






Adds iTunes 7 support, in fact iTunes 7 is now a requirement.


1.3.1 full change log:


- iTunes 7.


- Fixed a bug that would prevent UNO from applying to Firefox and Thunderbird

on some system setups.


- Fixed an issue that would prevent UNO from install and uninstall on systems

where Spotlight has been removed.


- Spotlight and Apple menu items are now back to default size (due to massive



- Fixed an issue that would prevent UNO installation if iTunes was in other location

than the default Applications folder.


- Fixed a very notorious UI glitch found on Microsoft Word, Printer Setup Utility and

Extensis Suitcase (Open/Save Panels and Alerts' background was not themed).


- Fixed a rendering glitch on Adobe applications like Photoshop, ImageReady,

Illustrator (a tone mismatch visible with UNO shade on group boxes of Open/Save



- Added localization support for hardcoded strings.


- Added French localization (thanks to Thomas Didrel - tototoolco.com).


- Added Italian localization (thanks to Claudio - shieldnet.tk).


- The Read Me file is now localized too (thanks to Jamie Curmi - curmi.com for

Universal Document).


- Refined minimum requirements Alert panels.


- Other installer enhancements.

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It gives me an error while trying to install.

Says it can not find iTunes.

Tells me to do a sudo command in terminal... I did.... nothing.


Oh well.


I emailed the maker, and told him I had the same issue.

He told me to re-download because he had changed something... and now it works for me =)




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