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AMD HP Pavilion dv6500 SL 10.6.8


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Be sure to run Marvin's AMD Utility after you boot -- it will save you a lot of grief.


If you are installing from Retail 10.6.X on AMD and it's not up to 10.6.8 -- be sure to use the 10.8 Legacy Kernel before you attempt the update.


It's an old Notebook but if you have one laying around it's not too bad for running OSX for Web and Email (Flash is a Problem). Don't expect to run games other than the simpler java type though.


If any of you get your graphics (QE/Cl) fully working--please leave your method with me here. I've thrown in the towel.



Hi all.


First, let me send out a big thanks to the folks who brought this site together, my chopper wouldn't start-up without the plethora of knowledge that is stored here.


After months of head scratching I've finally got Snow Leopard running on on my HP lap-top.


I used a combination of Chameleon (VM Ware Tools), OSX86 ModCD and Virtual Box 4.1.8, along with Super Duper to move the install from VB to my USB HDD which boots SL 10.6.2 on my HP chopper.


Update: I'm now at 10.6.8



Sound works out of box.

Rosetta works out of box.

All apps I use the most are responsive and fast.

HP volume controls work perfectly.

Audio Hijack installed and recognizes all inputs and outputs.

Toy View works as replacement for Preview since the graphics are not enabled.

Garage Band 09 installed and works.



NVdarwin recognizes card and installs info (still no joy with Open Gl.)

Stuck with 5:4 ratio on 16:10 screen (looks good though).

No Front Row or Preview (except for PDF).


The CPU did get a little hot after some hours but a laptop fan solved that problem.



It has been a nice soliloquy so far.

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