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Wg311T and Myzar 10.4.5 wierd problem


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All of you have been a great help before and I am hoping for some help again.


Wierd problem!!


I have an Abit lg-81 Motherboard 945g chipset and everything works cept the one thing that didnt need tweaking before the Netgear 311t V3.


I will do a totally new install of the Myzar 10.4.5 Disstro and after it is all installed and booted up for the first time the OS detects the card no problem and the first time I get to the finder everything works fine. Internet comes up Etc.




Once I reboot and come back in for the second time to the finder the card and internet connection are no more. Osx doesnt see it and I cant seem to tweak it using the methods under Rammjet s excellent tutorial on how to get 10.4.6 to recognize the card again. I change the atheros device ID and instance in IO80211family.kext, tried copying IOPCIfamily.kext from the Official Intel 10.4.5 udate from apple, and upgrading to 10.4.7 and reapproaching from there.


I am at sort of a loss actually why it would work fine on the first boot then totally shut down after that to the point I cant get anything to work.


ANY help would be greatly appreciated,


thanks in advance and thank you all for the times I have asked for help before,



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