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Powerful GPU needs fan control


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I am trying to get hold of a software to control my fans from OSX (LION 10.7.2) on my Hackintosh.

First thing I tried was to try and install paralells to get a windows inside my mac which is inside the PC...hehe.. but it did not even want to start the installation but giving med a boot screen!

So, I wonder - does anyone know of a software to control the fans on the nVidia fermi cards?

When I run my GTX580 it reaches levels of up to 60C in idle mode. That is too much!


How do I know the temperature then? Well, I have dual boot and boot in to windows 7 and run EVGA precision to see the temperatures and to control the fans on the GTX580... but as soon as I leave windows it will raise again since the fans stops to run that fast.


Is there someone out there that can solve this?







PS. Now I am logged into my w7 and am running the fans on 3990 rpm and get 47C - that is more OK...

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