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Trouble with Asus Z92F Notebook


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Does anybody of you guys know of such a Problem? I've got a

perfectly running Asus Z92F Notebook @ MacOsX 10.4.7 JaS

GMA 900 Graphics,Realtek Audio.. everything is just working

perfect.. except one thing: If I close the TFT Panel, the Panel

logically turns off, but when I open it again it just stays black.

I thought Osx goes a sleep when closing it, but I can't wake

it up anymore.The only way is to hold the powerbutton for a

few seconds, so that the whole thing shuts down. Due to this

it seams that I have damaged the system somehow.. well

no reason to wonder about. Does anybody know that problem

with the TFT just staying black after closing and openin again?


Asus Z92F


GMA 900

Chipset unknown ( can't even find details on the asus.com page)

Realtek compatible soundcard

Pentium Core2Duo 2Ghz


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