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hi everyone, i need a little help.


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Ok so a little background, i recently bought a samsung NC-10 with osx already installed and running. i had never used a mac before and have been interested in building on for some time. so got this to feel the water and see if i liked it. however, It just told me that i needed to update and being foolish i pressed the wrong button and went ahead and started it. The update took a while and then the nc-10 restarted, got to the apple logo and then restarted. it just does this continually until i switch it off.


My question is, is there a way to roll the laptop back a few hours to the working state that it was in? or do i have to go through the entire install procedure?


many thanks in advance.



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There is no way to roll back unless you took a backup via Time Machine, or an app like Carbon Copy Cloner.


All is not lost yet though.


Reboot and type -v at chameleon, hit enter and watch the text fly!


This is a verbose output, it prints the boot process to the display.


Take a photo of the kernel panic (equivilent of a windows BSOD) and post it here.

You can tell it's paniced when you see 'Uptime in nanoseconds: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

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