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iAtkos L2 CANNOT INSTALL! Also iAtkos S3 either! OR INSTALLATION!

Andrew Turner

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I have done every possible thing! I cannot use it to install Mac OSX. If I boot without -v it goes to the apple logo and stays there FOREVER. If I boot with -v, it does its normal thing, and then after it leaves the bootloader background it goes to a black screen. My monitor is still on, and the DVD drive is flashing. It also stays there forever.


What do I do?!


If I try the S3 dvd this is what happens:


So after a lot of effort I was able to install Mac OSX Snow Leopard on my machine. It ran just fine and I was really happy with it. Without giving it a second thought, I installed the update to .8. This was a HUGE mistake. Now the drive won't boot up at all. It just stays at the Apple logo.

This would be a problem if it really mattered icon_razz.gif I didn't have any special files on there so it is OK to reinstall it. Which is what I immediately try to do. But it doesn't work. It gives me tons of errors, and if I can FINALLY get it to the grayish screen with the cursor it crashes before the language select screen can show up. I have tried several boot flags. I have tried like EVERY combination of these:









Before the language screen pops up, I get the loading cursor beachball.gif for about one minute. Then it goes to normal cursor. After ~30 secs it goes back to beachball.gif After two minutes or so the computer shuts down. I never even see a trace of the language screen.

I am not doing anything different than before... I cannot figure out what the problem is.

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