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  1. Someone else gave up. I WILL NOT. Can anyone help? I successfully installed S3 and now I cannot install it again. I need help people! And I would like it now (please)
  2. Andrew Turner

    iATKOS L2 can't boot

    I am seriously starting to think people cannot solve this problem! CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP?!
  3. Yes, I tried registering about 100x and I even emailed the owner to no avail. I cannot get an account. If someone else could make an account for me...
  4. I would, but I don't have an available mac to do it on. I tried going to the Apple store a while back but they wont let me do it, and each time I try, they remote me Is there a way to do the USB method on a PC with Windows?
  5. Andrew Turner

    iATKOS L2 can't boot

    I think I am getting the same problem as you are.. I posted a thread about it. Why can't anyone help?
  6. Can ANYONE help? Please..
  7. I have done every possible thing! I cannot use it to install Mac OSX. If I boot without -v it goes to the apple logo and stays there FOREVER. If I boot with -v, it does its normal thing, and then after it leaves the bootloader background it goes to a black screen. My monitor is still on, and the DVD drive is flashing. It also stays there forever. What do I do?! If I try the S3 dvd this is what happens: