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[Sell] EP45-DS3L, 8 GB RAM, C2D E8500 (E0 step)

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I recently upgraded my hackintosh build from this setup to a new i5 setup.


This board will however run OSX86 vanilla. It is fully compatible with the Catri BIOS for DSDT-less installs, however due to it being discontinued I flashed it back to stock. It does have the latest BIOS from gigabyte, though.


I had a machine running with these parts vanilla for many years. They are still in totally working order, all you need is a box, some drives, a PCI-E x16 GPU and a power supply, and you can use Kakewalk (available in this forum) for a very easy installation!


I have the following, I would prefer to sell them as a kit if possible, because I have appropriate packaging for the motherboard (original box) and it'd be safest to ship it with the CPU seated. I have a box for the RAM, but finding a way to ship the CPU may be difficult.


I have some of the original board's accessories, but no Serial ATA cables from it. (they're in use :P)


4x2GB (8GB) DDR2 800 MHz (Mix of Crucial and Wintec RAM. Same freq, same CAS latency (6).


Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16 GHz (I have overclocked this a small bit, I got it to 4 GHz relatively stable, but someone with more smarts or some better RAM could probably get more out of it than I did) It is E0 stepping.


and of course, the EP45-DS3L ver. 1.0. There are no problems I know of with the board itself, aside from the general Gigabyte attitude with hard resets. (even my new board does this).


This board was literally one of the easiest hackintosh jobs I ever had.


Buyer pays shipping, I am in southern California.


Make me an offer!



2 RAM chips:



2 more RAM chips:



CPU (those streaks on the heat spreader are mostly streaks of the old cooling compound. The camera makes them look way worse than they are.)



This reads:


INTEL ® © '06 (this was purchased in early 2008) E8500



3.16 GHZ/6M/1333/06



Much better CPU shot:




I need to clean the board, and I will post a picture after it has been cleaned.

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