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acer aspire 5750 + iAtkos L2 / Lion


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I am facing a problem with iAtkos L2 DVD, it freezes whenever i press any key or F8, or just if i leave it to finish counting, the screen freezes to the iAtkos logo and nothing happens, i tried this same DVD with a different laptop and it worked without any problem.


My laptop is acer aspire 5750, it has a i5 CPU with Intel HD Graphics 3000, i tried changing the very few BIOS options (AHCI to IDE, booth order ...etc) but no luck.


I tried [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url], it booted the iAtkos, read the DVD files then the laptop auto restarted it self.


thank you for reading and posting your thoughts, i'll be refreshing like a crazy trying to get this to work.

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sorry to bump an old thread, but i am in the same situation! acer 5750, iv tried iatkos l1 and l2 and get the same result, when the dvd boots if i press any key it just freezes, if i wait for the timer to finish, it freezes. Had no luck in booting via usb. sometimes if i boot using ###### cd with iatkos on usb, i get an error saying something like "unable to find driver for this platform /acpi"


i have set the bios to ahci. I removed 4gb of ram so i now have 4, from 8. tried booting it using -v and -x with no luck.


acer 5750 core i5 2430m 2.4ghz

8gb ram (removed 4gb to make it 4)

500gb hhd

optiarc bluray drive

intel hd 3000 graphics


i am going to try iatkos s3 v2 then uprage soon, as i had succesfully installed it on an old laptop, but wanted to try lion really.


is there any other way i can install lion? oh yeah i dont have access to a mac computer, which makes things awkard because most of the guides/tutorials need a mac to start off with (which would be pointless doing a hackintosh if you have a mac?!?)


hope someone can help! if you need any more info off me, ill be refreshing like mad! pulling my hair out here!


forgot to mention i was following this guys guide, he seems to have got it working on the same laptop (sort of) but his instructions arnt very clear!



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