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iATKOS L2 install not starting on dv6-6150eb


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I recently bought a new laptop and today I figured it was about time to install OS X, as I did with my previous one. I had a perfectly working Snow Leopard setup running so I am not a complete newbie to this thing.


I downloaded the iATKOS L2 distro (I wanted to run Lion :-) ) and tried various options for installing.


First: I burned the image (checksum verified) to a dvd and booted off it. The iATKOS start shows up, then I have to press F8 for boot options or any key to continue. When I do this (F8 or something else) the installer freezes and doesn't respond, so there is no way to go into verbose (-v) or safe mode.


Second: I expanded the image file to a usb drive with transmac and booted it using a mac bootloader (this). The bootloader starts fine but when I select the usb drive to boot (it is recognized) my laptop restarts without any warnings.


I'm guessing it has something to do with my laptop because my older Leopard distros are not working either, which is very bizarre because there are users with identical specifications posting working results (here).


Any ideas?




Sandy bridge

Intel i7 2630QM

AMD Radeon HD6770M





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If you have a snow partition, boot to it, then use a retail Lion image to create your boot media (USB stick).

Install chameleon 2.1 to the boot media.

Add your kexts and dsdt from the SL partitoin to the Lion install media.

Reboot and select USB as your 1st boot device.

Chameleon 2.1 should load, type -v for verbose, hit enter, see what happens.

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First thing to do is install snow leopard.

You will need snow leopard (or another mac) to prepare the boot media.


Start off with nawcoms mod cd and a 10.6.3 retail disk.

Get snow installed and updated to 10.6.8 (this will give you a better idea of what you will need to run Lion)

Use the app store to download the Lion installer and then restore that to a USB stick using disk utility (there are a few steps here that you will need to research)

Install chameleon 2.1 to the USB stick

Add necessarry kexts and dsdt from your SL partition to the Lion installer.

Reboot with USB as your first boot device

Type -v at chameleon to boot verbose, hit enter, see what happens.

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Just boot using the iatkos L2 disc. It fits on a regular DVD, there shouldnt be a problem here......


That's where the problem occurs, the dvd doesn't start, it freezes at the main screen, so I can't even go into boot options..


I'll try the nawcoms method.

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i have the same hp g6 except mines i5 and 6gb off ram and mine does the same thing

i insert the dvd disc (iatkos l2) and try press f8 or any key to boot to the installation and it freezes and stays there.

so we cannot even get to the apple let alone the installation options.

Any help would be appreciated.

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well I can say I am having the exact same problem, I have a dv6-3033cl,



i5 450m

intel hd3000

4gb ram

broadcom 4313 <-- which looks like won't work so I got a AR5B93 half mini on order.


same issue, I boot off the iATKOS DVD, hit f8 or anykey and it freezes. This computer has a uefi startup system with InsydeH20 bios. Inside the bios you really have no setup options. Have any of you found a solution? I guess I'll try a different bootlader.

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u can try using rBoot (latest one , tonymacx86) to boot into the distro , by booting into rBoot removing the rboot disc n insert the distro by pressing f5 (i guess, onscreen), then go about installation , u'll be stuck for keyboard(lion hates p/s2 of ur keyboard) u'll have to either use macdrive on windoze , or my method in comments at http://kat.ph/iatkos-l2-mac-os-x-lion-10-7-2-t5989819.html , still if u manage to do it , u'll not be able to boot , if ur HDD is of WD, they havve problem with chimera bootloader (block size something , too large 4k..blah blah),

u'll have to use rBoot disc everytime , or make urself a bootable usb from the rboot image..


CHEERS :star_sunglasses:

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