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Any Hackintosh compatible with my hardware? (too new hard maybe?)

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Hello everybody! you can call me J



I have a new PC and a friend of mine told me that is built with recent hardware.

I don't know too much about hardware specs, so I'm going to write here my specs and I hope somebody can help me with this.

First of all sorry for my english :P


.FM1 AMD A6 3650 Quad Core 2.6GHz APU Ati Radeon HD 6530D

.Motherboard Socket FM1 ECS a75F M2 (1.0)

.Memory DDR3 Kingstone 4gb



I don't know if I write everything ok, I just copied everything a found about my hardware :P

I would like to install Lion or Snow Leopard. I have a macbook with Lion but it's not a problem to have Snow Leopard in my hackintosh


My friend has an iAtkos L2 dvd so we tried, but seems that my PC is not Intel so we couldn't, so could you tell me what's the perfect distro for this? If there is any


If anybody needs more info about my PC I'm going to try to find the answer, I don't know much about all of this but I have patience and perseverance, I really would love to have Mac on this PC :D


Thanks in advance!!!

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