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Trackpad Glitches (Jumping and Clicking)


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I've been in the process of getting all my hardware working on Lion, but one thing I just can't figure out this strange business with my trackpad. It seems to occur mostly when I move my mouse over some selectable text or something that changes the mouse between an arrow and text selection cursor. My mouse will jump for a second and sometimes input right clicks continuously for a few seconds.


I'm using voodooPS2 from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index. ... pic=175372 (Only certain versions of voodoops2 and appleps2 give me any functionality with my keyboard/trackpad, and all versions that i've tried so far seem to give me this same bugyness if they even give me any functionality), and my trackpad is a synaptics (Version 7.5). If I remove VoodooPS2Trackpad under plugins in VoodooPS2Controller I can get regular mouse functionality but then I loose my multitouch of course. Removing VoodooPS2Mouse Instead leaves my trackpad acting with the same glitchy jumps and clicks. Any help figuring out how to fix these glitches without giving up multitouch would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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