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Lion on HP dv6 Series/ 6B55 eg


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hello everyone,


after getting OS X started on some dell products, I am trying to put it on my HP DV6 6b55 eg. I started with iAtkos L2, but I had no succes starting the boot... after the countdown, it stucks on the starting screen and did nothing, the same on key pressing and F8. I tried rBoot and chameleon Bootloader, but i had kp on both. I tried also iAtkos s3 and the retail DVD without succes. I don't why hp didn't released an advanced bios (because there is no sATA/AHCI), so I have no idea if sATA runs on AHCI :(.


it restarts on other bootloaders...


Some specs:


- Intel core i7 QM 2670

-Radeon HD 6770 M



I hope you can help.

Thanks for reading and answering


P.S.: Sorry for my English... I am an 16 year old student from Germany :D and I hope there are not to much commata xD

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