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I recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu. My PSU fryed and took my motherboard and cpu with it. Ram and vga are fine so i decided to keep them. Brought a core 2 duo e6300 and a 775dual-vsta untill a decent SLi board comes along.


Neway, how do i install the 10.4.7 Jas installer?


I have


core 2 duo e6300


2gb dual channel ram

9800pro 128mb hercules

160gb WD IDE drive


how do i get QI and CE to work?



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Get TRANSMAC and burn the .dmg or use Nero to burn .iso...


Install Partition Magic and make a 15-250gig partition UNFORMATTED and UNALLOCATED.


Insert DVD and reboot...boot to DVD...


Follow prompts and when asked pick your new partition you created with Partition Magic. Also remember to check the CUSTOMIZED installation button and apply the right patches to your hardware.


You will need to read the WIKI for OSx86 HCL to see if your hardware is compatible or will need a special patch.


Once done, go back into Windows and set your OSX partition as ACTIVE and PRIMARY.


Finally, reboot once more and enjoy OSX (if all works without tweaking).

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You could make your own bootable floppy, cd, or dvd...hell even usb if you wanted...


There are many tools out there to do that...


Many people like HIRENS BOOT CD...


If you install to another hdd sure you can use your bios to change boot order...


In fact, it's probably the ideal situation to install 1 OS per physical disk.

This way all is separate you use your bios to pick which OS to boot and avoid completely annihilating your boot sector and mbr.


1 thing to remember is that you must have optical drive (cd/dvd) and hdd on the same IDE channel: Primary master = hdd, Primary slave = cd/dvd.


This is required for OSX.

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