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Help with Lion installation


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Well, I downloaded the dvd torrent iATKOS L2 at the official website and burned the dmg by Transmac.


So, I installed it normally, I chose my drivers and complete the installation as it should.


After I boot the lion, the screen with the apple appears, and the loader spin endlessly.

(After a while, a woman asks if I know or want to learn how to use voice over,

giving me two options, learn or not. Even though I'm denying it doesnt appear the cofiguration screen. Long after that, the music should

play along with the configuration screens begins to play. The entire song is played and doesn't appear the configuration screen,

however, the loader doesn't stop spinning.)


The same thing happens booting with -v


In virtual machine, it installed normally.


Please help me.



Machine Configuration:


Core i3 350M

Intel HD Graphics (128MB)









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