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DSDT for a P8H67-I Deluxe


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Hello forum readers,


i'm relatively new to the hackintosh world, so bear with me if i'm confused / mistaken. i'm from the Mac world (And i'm a software developer, so i only lack explanations, but i have a very good understanding of the "underlying").

i started a build on a P8H67-I Deluxe (Because my reseller didn't have any Gigabyte products and i saw this mobo on various threads of forums). i have mounted a i5 2405S with HD3000 graphics on it.


i have the very latest BIOS from ASUS on flashed (606 i believe).


i have successfully installed Lion 10.7.2, however a lot of the mobo features were unavailable after this step. Basically:

- No Wifi,

- No Bluetooth,

- No Sleep,

- UI is kinda cheesy / unresponsive compared to what i'm used to on my Macs.

So after reading there and here, i understood that i have two options:

1) Either edit a DSDT so my OSX system knows hardware mapping.

2) Kernel extensions surgery.

The thing is that i really would like to go with option #1 to keep my system as vanilla and as "genuine" as possible, but i really have no knowledge of the Intel ACPI 4 specifications. To be honest, if i read my extracted DSDT, i get lost very very fast.


From there, i have two solutions:

1) Find someone kind enough to explain me the basics, how to detect what's wrong in it.

2) Find a pre-crafted DSDT for my mobo (But i would rather learn).

Regarding option #2, i have found this thread here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=162&t=31948 but as soon as i try to load this DSDT, the system just refuses to boot for various reasons (i get messages about AppleRTC having a bad magic number, i also get a few Audio Assertion failures, etc).


Is there anyone with this setup who could be kind enough to point me to the right edits i might be required to do for everything to properly work?

Thanks a lot for your valuable time,


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i have found everything needed for this build right here: http://www.tonymacx8...p?f=169&t=44531


link is dead ;( "You are not authorised to read this forum." But im a member of this forum.


I have the same board with :

BIOS Version: 0803

patched the bios for hackintosh from this source (http://bios4asus.blogspot.de/)


CPU= Core i3-2125


GPU= Integrated HD3000


need dsdt please ... ;(




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