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    DSDT for a P8H67-I Deluxe

    i have found everything needed for this build right here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=169&t=44531
  2. HicksCorp

    DSDT for a P8H67-I Deluxe

    Bump, anyone for a DSDT matching the P8H67-I Deluxe with v606 Bios?
  3. HicksCorp

    DSDT for a P8H67-I Deluxe

    Hello forum readers, i'm relatively new to the hackintosh world, so bear with me if i'm confused / mistaken. i'm from the Mac world (And i'm a software developer, so i only lack explanations, but i have a very good understanding of the "underlying"). i started a build on a P8H67-I Deluxe (Because my reseller didn't have any Gigabyte products and i saw this mobo on various threads of forums). i have mounted a i5 2405S with HD3000 graphics on it. i have the very latest BIOS from ASUS on flashed (606 i believe). i have successfully installed Lion 10.7.2, however a lot of the mobo features were unavailable after this step. Basically: - No Wifi, - No Bluetooth, - No Sleep, - UI is kinda cheesy / unresponsive compared to what i'm used to on my Macs. So after reading there and here, i understood that i have two options: 1) Either edit a DSDT so my OSX system knows hardware mapping. 2) Kernel extensions surgery. The thing is that i really would like to go with option #1 to keep my system as vanilla and as "genuine" as possible, but i really have no knowledge of the Intel ACPI 4 specifications. To be honest, if i read my extracted DSDT, i get lost very very fast. From there, i have two solutions: 1) Find someone kind enough to explain me the basics, how to detect what's wrong in it. 2) Find a pre-crafted DSDT for my mobo (But i would rather learn). Regarding option #2, i have found this thread here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=162&t=31948 but as soon as i try to load this DSDT, the system just refuses to boot for various reasons (i get messages about AppleRTC having a bad magic number, i also get a few Audio Assertion failures, etc). Is there anyone with this setup who could be kind enough to point me to the right edits i might be required to do for everything to properly work? Thanks a lot for your valuable time, Pierre.
  4. If you're using windows, use filecommander with a plugin to see filesystem of DFU-mode devices. If you're mac, use PhoneView (There is a downloadable demo around the net...).
  5. i recommend you reading my entire post here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=110851
  6. HicksCorp

    Problem with iPhone...

    i think my baseband is messed up, the description on this page perfectly matches my iPhone status: http://hackint0sh.org/forum/showthread.php?t=34713 What can i do? i'm stuck at step 4, because i'm using Mac, not windows... So i don't know how to transfert files in DFU-Mode =/ Any kind of help greatly appreciated ^^ Pierre. Ok i'm finally blocked at step 5 (i used a tool named "PhoneView" to transfert my files in DFU mode)... When i run ienew, i'm getting this message: Resetting the Baseband...Done Opened: /dev/tty.baseband iEraser for 112OTB: tool by geohot Waiting for data...Can't write Okay, i solved the last issue by using the very latest secpack... So now i'm at step 6, waiting for iTunes to DFU-Restore my iPhone. i'll say if it's solved or not in a few minutes Dang! i guess it worked Thank you all anyway for your time, i home my post will help people Pierre.
  7. HicksCorp

    Problem with iPhone...

    Hello Semprini and thank you very much for paying attention to my problem, i have already tried this, and iTunes won't restore my iPhone (i have of course deleted any firmware present on my Mac to force iTunes to download a fresh 1.1.4). Here is what happens: - iTunes unpacks the "official" 1.1.4 software, and "Restoring iPhone Software" is displayed for a while. - iTunes gets stuck to "Verifying iPhone Software", after restoring it (i believe it waits for the iPhone to MD5 sum itself to check that the software is OK). - iTunes starts another process "Restoring iPhone Firmware", which lasts very long (Maybe half an hour?). - iTunes then displays an error (Something like "Error 1012" i don't remember well, i'm just back from work now). - After this, my iPhone won't boot (it inconditionnaly switch to revovery mode). Then if i use Pwnage Tool or ziPhone, the phone boots again normally, but no wifi / carrier... i don't think the 1.1.4 software is messed up, i believe the bootloader or baseband firmware is... Any way to easily restore them? i had to use bbupdater and i believe this is the problem... Thanks again for your time, if you need more information just ask me Pierre.
  8. HicksCorp

    Problem with iPhone...

    Hello people, My reason for posting here is that i'm totally lost with what i find on the internet. i read something, then the opposite. i read about BB versions, BootNeuter, and i finally don't understand much of what i means... My problem is that i have recently used a tool called "Pwnage Tool" to be able to test my iPhone with the 2.0 beta firmware. It obviously didnt work, and now i'm having an iPhone with a different boot logo (a pineapple), and with no phone / wifi functionnality. The phone displays a dialog with "Repair Needed" -> "iPhone cannot make or receive calls." Before that, i was using ziPhone to unlock my phone, with no problem at all... i also noticed a strange message when i tried to restore it with ziPhone "refurbish" option which was saying "Invalid Calibration Tree" or something similar. So once for all, can someone point me a good link / direction to be able to perfectly refurbish my phone, and then be able to "cleanly" jailbreak it (i don't need to change my carrier, just to install APPs). Thanks a lot for your time! Pierre.
  9. HicksCorp

    Stop getting censured by _big^apple_

    Hey people! Glad there are still some sceptics to convert here phor2zero: I installed freenet few years ago, and you are ritght. It was really slow, mostly unusable because people posted content on it, but a lot of people owning these nodes decided to shut them down. So the content was partially broken, and the "healing" hash function did not work on mostly of them. Well now, it is much more reliable. I gave it a try again just 3 monthes ago, and was really surprised by the changes. Now, you can post about 5 GB (Chunked to severals nodes) in about two days, posting webpages is more than easy. Now, domino: The point of FreeNet is indeed of NOT having anything running 24/7. It is NOT a pear to pear network as you can ear elsewhere. You can iinstall a node for POSTING purposes only, and then stop it. The content is splitted and dispatched on several nodes. The space you allocate on your node is filled with randomly acquired content. You will NEVER know what was on your node space. The more popular a node is, the biggest chances to put content on it there will be. I have at home a little debian box, it is a 1Ghz AMD with 1gig ram, 600GB HDD. Since the power supply is only 280W, i spend about $50 for two monthes using it this way. I agree that putting a freenet node on it it is some waste of time, since the *interesting* content which will become available on it is still easy to find on some amule or stuff. But web hostable pages (With often updated webcontent) like the good old Marxxus website will never be on these p2p nets. So, FreeNet is the solution. Personnaly, i removed the freenet node from my box. I expected to find illegal content like the one we can ear about HERE. The bad thing is that the illegal content i found on it was really a shame. Paedophiliacs and Alquaida (maybe fakes). I will not use it anymore, unless there will be more interesting content on it. i think people should have a 5mn google'ing about FreeNet, and how it does work. It would have solved any *illegal* content hosting problem... Well, if people like Maxxuss consider freenet as a spreading alternative, the censor will become, in despit to BiGd0Ll4r$ Inc., impossible to apply on. Well, hope you two guys will have some readings on the subject, and discover what is FreeNet. Best regards to everybody here. Pierre P.S.: Sorry for this demonstration of _BaD_ english... i'm actually a french guy
  10. Hey party people, I'm following your work with a lot of interest. I really understand that you developpers (hackers? nooo...) should have presure on your shoulders, so here is my suggestion to avoid getting deleted or censured by the big dollar owning companies: Try using FreeNet!!! I recently installed a FreeNet node on my Debian box, and it is really rocks in the idea. The point of this is to get a secured network in the network, with no per-ip hosted content. Peer to peer like bittorrent or eHorse is good for big files, but since you guys need to spread the world with web pages, i really think you should consider getting a freenet publisher. For those who doesn't know FreeNet, the idea is really simple. Everybody host something encrypted (Strong RSA encryption, no way to make the files content visible). Nobody knows who is hosting what. I did not even know what was on my allocated virtual partition, probably a dump of encrypted of porn, what i waste, i agree... When somebody on the FreeNet network wants a file, he start asking his node for this content (Browsing the freenet network is done by accessing a web server in your freenet node). Your freenet node initiate a request, with a maximum hops count. The request goes thru the next closer nodes, which themselve can't know if the originating node was your node, or a node before which asked your node. Serverless because everybody is a "cluster" server. Very SLOW the first 10 - 15 days, fast like a F14 after. Consider the idea. Please somebody try to tell Ma us to have a look at it! Keep up the good work don't mind about the money, whatever who get the first dual booting x86 working will anyway *NOT* get the prize... Help each other, think about getting your name somewhere in the history of computers instead of getting money! Kind regards to the best hackers ever and everybody here. Hicks