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Update: GTX580 only works with -x bootflag (10.6.8)


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I was succesful in installing Snow Leopard on my AMD build. Specs:

Phenom II 955

Asus M4A77 (AMD770)

6gb DDR2

Asus GTX 580 1536mb


The system boots fine and everything works fine (Audio, ethernet, usb etc.) But when I get to installing the drivers for my GTX580, things go wrong. The install seems to be succesful as the fermi drivers for 10.6.8 should work fine as I read in quite a few user experiences.


However, they don't for me. In verbose boot everything seems to be OK and content loads up pretty quickly (even the gfx card is recognized as a GTX580). But just when it's about to enter Mac OS X, I get a black screen and my system restarts. Leaving me without any information to work with.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!






I finally got my GTX 580 to work with Nvidia drivers in 10.6.8, but to get past the black screen I have to boot into safe mode. This causes key elements of the OS to not work/be disabled. Like audio, ethernet and partial USB functionality.


Without -x the system loads things up quickly on boot but when it gets to entering OS X, I just get a black screen followed by a system restart. In safe mode my machine boots with full 1920x1080 resolution and card is recognized.


What to do?

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That's what I thought, but then again... why would the card be recognized at boot. Also, there seem to be people that got it to work.


Like here:



And the updated Nvidia drivers by tonymac: http://www.osx86.net...?do=file&id=638

Some claim that the Quadro 4000 drivers are working just fine, but I can't confirm that. (http://www.nvidia.co...f01-driver.html)


There also were some old posts about the card semi-working under 10.6.x.


And this quote:



The nvidia drivers that ship with Snow Leopard have no support for Fermi (4xx/5xx) cards. You must install the Quadro 4000 drivers from nvidia.


Minimum requirements: MacPro model identifier (/Extra/smbios.plist) and 10.6.7.


Make sure you have GraphicsEnabler=n / no graphics Device Properties String / no graphics injector.kext installed until you have the Quadro 4000 drivers installed. If any injection method is active before the Quadro 4000 drivers are installed, you will not be able to boot.


As long as there is no injection method active, you should be able to boot in safe mode ( -x) without the Quadro 4000 drivers installed...at least that's how it works for me (460 GTX video card). I can boot my retail 10.6.3 install DVD (restored to a HDD partition) with Chameleon, only if I set GraphicsEnabler=n.

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Well, try only using 10.6.7. Actually, I have that same issue with my old Quadro right now in 10.6.8, which is a very, very strange bird. Just stick with 10.6.7. :)

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Well, try only using 10.6.7. Actually, I have that same issue with my old Quadro right now in 10.6.8, which is a very, very strange bird. Just stick with 10.6.7. :)

Things are getting more clear by the day! I found this post about the issue:


Under 10.6.7, Apple released an update with kexts to support Fermi cards. So you can have OpenCL working with Apple kexts AND CUDA working with NVidia drivers. Thus, you have full support for OpenCL/CUDA/OpenGL/QE under 10.6.7, read more here: http://netkas.org/?p=764. Basically, what you have to do is to install NVidia drivers for CUDA/OpenGL, and then erase some specified kexts with the Apple Update.


Note: NVidia Driver Installers do not only install kexts, but also Frameworks icon_e_wink_anim.gif Frameworks are the key for OpenGL/OpenCL/CUDA. Kexts only tell the kernel how to use the video card when these Frameworks are used by apps. That's the reason why you need Frameworks from NVidia (with CUDA/OpenCL/OpenGL) but kexts from Apple (because they unlock the OpenCL functionality for Fermi cards).


Under 10.6.8, Apple kexts do NOT support Fermi cards anymore icon_e_sad.gif, like I said, this is not their priority. So NVidia jumped into the arena and quickly provided working kexts. Actually if you want to have your Fermi card working under 10.6.8 you have to install all kexts and Frameworks provided by NVidia (into their BETA driver installers).

This time they won the game, and we do not have OpenCL working anymore. We either have to wait for Apple to release updated kexts to bring back OpenCL support, or wait for Lion.


I'll give it a try tomorrow. ;)

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Forget it, 5xx cards will only work on Lion.


I have edited the post that you quoted to avoid misleading others in the future.


"work" means working hardware acceleration. That you can boot and see the desktop doesn't mean anything, the card is running in VESA framebuffer mode. You can compare it to Windows Safe Mode or "GDI" mode if you like.

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