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Asus g74 works great with cd, reboot loop without

Adrian Pittington

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Having some trouble getting Lion to boot of the hdd on my Asus g74 laptop.


Installed iATKos L2 with no problems, and I am able to boot into Lion perfectly, but only if I use the boot CD. I have installed all the ktexts, and chameleon wizard, and I am able to get to the Chameleon GUI, but when I tell it to load lion, with -v off, it flashes to black, and then my laptop reboots. with -v and -ForceWake=y on it loads through the list of ktexts and stuff with no errors that I can see, then flashes to a black screen with a cursor, and then reboots. I really want to get this working so I can boot off the HDD and not the CD, and like I said, if I boot into Lion off the CD, everything works perfectly.


I have tried -v, -ForceWake=y, -force64, cpus=s busratios=8, and nothing has worked when I boot off the hdd, but with the CD, it works no matter what, and is reading my boot config file (both hdd boot and cd boot), as it changes between -v and no -v when I change the file and reboot.


Any ideas?




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