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kernel_task 100% cpu when plugging in external monitor


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Morning All. As per the title I was wondering if anyone had experienced similar issues?


I have a Dell E6420 with the following spec:


2.2 i7 (can't remember the model number as I don't know the OSX equivalent to cat /proc/cpuinfo)

8GB DDR3 133

Vertex3 SSD

NVIDIA Quadro 4200M


Everything is working fine as it should other than sleep which is known not to work. The problem I am having is when plugging in an external monitor via HDMI or VGA. Every time the display auto adjusted and displays on both but kernel_task, syslogd, configd, powerd all max to 100% CPU making the system unstable and unusable. The weird thing is that when I initially started doing it there was no problem, it was only when I added the VoodooHDA.kext and restarted that I started having the problem but I think this may have been a coincidence as I consequently removed it but still have the same problem. If I boot the laptop with an external display plugged in I get to the login screen but when I login I just get a blank screen which would indicate that it hits 100% as soon as I login.


I have attached the kernel and system logs in case there is anything in there. There are a number of errors but I am assuming that is just because this is not an actual mac. I tried clearing the logs, plugging in the display and then saving them to keep the information within them to only the current problem but there inevitably have been a few other things appear in there.


Does anyone know what I could try to see if I can get this working?


Edit: I am unable to upload the logs because they are to large so if anyone would like to see them I will forward them over.

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VoodooHDA often enables sound through the HDMI port, this is known to cause issues with Nvidia cards.

If you have removed VoodooHDA have you also rebuilt your caches?

You can use a program called 'system info' to check which kexts are loaded.

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