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A few questions about a new build


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this is almost decided build


Intel 2600k

12gb ram

gtx 560-580

seagate 3tb(most probably)

sound and wifi and bluetooth cards not decided


i am new so try to explain as much


questions and requirements:


1)I want it to be automatic,i don't want to have to do some manual startup which requires some technicle work everytime,what hacks are needed


2)which gpu is good,amd or nvidia?


3)will osX support the new radeon 7000 series anytime soon?


4)is OSX86 hackintosh a 32bit or 64bit?


5)how much ram should i get for Video editing?


6)i want dual operating system with windows


7)does os x support SRT Intel SSD solution and will it work with dual Operating systems?


8)has apple removed the welcome intro from Lion?


9)is it compulsory to have multiple HDD for dual operating system with windows and osx and how will the partition work and how do you set up partitions in OSX?

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I suggest you do some research.

Just by your first question I can tell that you have done little to no research about installing OS X on non-apple hardware.


1. You will need to install a boot loader

2. Both have working and non working models. If you are video editing with adobe products go nvidia to make use of cuda

3. Do apple use these cards or the same chipset? If not then they will not be natively supported. As to whether they will be supported in the future, only those at apple know this.

4. OS X is traditionally a hybrid, the kernel runs in either 32 or 64 but finder in lion in 64 only so lion os only available to those on 64bit capable hardware

5. How much can you afford?

6. Do you, that's nice, I want to win the lottery

7. Yes but you really shouldn't install both os's to 1 hdd, it's a lot more complicated

8. Yes, you only see it if your graphics card works ootb on snow leopard

9. No but it makes it much easier

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