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Ok soooo. Trying to install the new Lion iatkosl2 using these settings and it ends up installing but on boot i get the circle with a line through it.

Also note that on boot i have to do cpus=1 busratio=16 -x.


Selected the following options at install -

Cham bootloader

graphics enabler

built in ethernet

(a few other auto selected ones it says are necessary)

non achi sata support

none for sound or video as only video options are nvid/ati and its just intel based

left sound and network alone figured i could figure that out post install


Trying another fresh install and will post the -v after that so i can give more detailed info as to whats happening. If anyone has any early ideas as to where im going wrong please let me know.

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Hi, I have HP 2192el and the only way to boot in osx Lion is boot chameleon with the following option:

Busratio = 19 cpus=1

if you need you can try other chameleon option.

To install OSX Lion on your HP you have prepare usb Key with the Lion image on it.


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it hangs every time and the last line is voodoobattery will just hang there for ever i assume that has something to do with the laptop battery option i selected during install trying a new install with that unselected to see what happens any other ideas?


also the busratio i use i got from another forum from someone with sucessful install of 10.6.3 thats y i use that

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hi, another tip that I found is put your HD in another Notebook and install OSX and then put your HD in Your Notebook again and try.

The OSX installation program is different from Microsoft and it does to many check before install.

Another tip is change version of cd boot to start Installation. try also other boot loader non only chameleon.

For graphics card you have try other Kext for intel. Check on Kext.com site your graphics kext.


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